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Recording Tools

There are basically two different things you need to get started soundscaping: a recording device and software to view the recordings as a spectogram. Here are a few options.

Free"ish" Solutions

Recording Device:

  • Use your cell phone and any recording app with a spectrogram viewer such as "Song Meter Touch" for Android or iPhone

  • Optional: Direction cell phone microphone add-on: e.g. Rode

Audio Viewing and Editing Software :

$$ Solutions

Autonomous Recording Devices:


Mobile Recording Devices:


Video Camera with Microphone


Outdoor Fixed Video Camera (many home options available but here are two I use)


Handheld Microphones (can be used with camera, mobile recorder for in the field)

Audio Viewing and Editing Software:

Software for finding specific sounds (e.g. bird species)

song meter.png

How to Embed Audio in to a Web Page

Once you have a recording, you can upload it to the Macaulay library of sounds via eBird and then embed the HTML iFrame in to any website. Unfortunately, the process only supports bird vocalizations at this time.

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